You and NoSaleIsFinal Working Together

In today's marketplace, no sale is final until you, the consumer, say it's final. One of the ways to ensure you get the best price is to take advantage of the liberal return policies offered by most companies. You may also find that the lowest price can be found by buying from a locally owned small business.
NoSaleIsFinal is designed to help you find the lowest price while helping support your local economy.

Below are a few examples of how to use our services.

Buying a new or used car.

While you're sitting at the dealership for hours buying a new or used car, send NoSaleIsFinal the new or used car purchase details. We'll send your car purchase information to our particpating dealerships.

Making a Purchase from a Local Department Store or Shopping Mall

Let's say you bought a toaster from the nearest department store. When you get home simply type the information about the purchased toaster from the receipt into an e-mail and send it to Nosaleisfinal The address to send this to is This takes a few seconds. This information is made available to businesses and any one of them may be able to offer a better price, or a better toaster, one the purchaser didn't know existed, at the same price but with free shipping. If you decide to accept this offer, you can simply return the toaster the next time you are at the store for a full refund.

Buying a Hotel Room - Priceline vs. Using Our Service is an excellent service for what it does best which is sell plane tickets to leisure travelers who don't care about a direct flight at normal hours, but do care about a cheap ticket. That's fine. They are doing it for other products too and that we don't think is fine. We think though that people should use Priceline when it suits them best, and us when it suits them best. Use all of the services that are out there now, and ones in the future that come out as well. Use them all.

We'd rather book a hotel room in Denver directly through Marriott and post that info here and see if another hotel can beat it with the same quality. Priceline lets you name a price for a hotel room but doesn't help you much on the quality of the hotel.

If you used our service, and lets say you booked the room you want at the hotel you want a month in advance, and then post that information here, comparable hotels can try to make you counteroffers. The actual hotel you booked can come to our site and see that one of their guests has posted a reservation here. That same hotel might counteroffer their own original offer to get you not to switch because maybe they know that as of that time the hotel is half empty and why take the chance of losing you.

If no one beats the hotel you reserved you can always cancel and try Priceline and see what happens. The only problem is that they ask for your credit card up front and if you don't like what they give you tough luck. Everyone wants to dictate terms to shoppers. We think it should be the other way around. That's customer focus.

Buying a Printer from the local Best Buy

Don't remove it from the box yet as you can return it in 14 days with no penalty (restocking fee) as long as it hasn't been opened. Even if it has, as long as you still have all of the manuals and cables and things you will be able to return it. Try our service and see if what you bought was a good deal.

Using Our Service After Purchasing Something Online

Go buy anything from an online store. We will help you quickly find out if someone else in your neighborhood or across the country can provide you with more value: a better price, free shipping, better customer service, a free extended warranty, etc. That way you won't have to spend precious hours going to dozens of online stores looking for a better deal. Let the merchants come to you. The vast majority of merchants you can buy something from online will send you an e-mail confirming the details about the product or service you just bought. All you do is simply forward this e-mail to

Your purchase information is made available to thousands of businesses and any one of them may be able to offer a better price, or at the same price but with free shipping. Your true identity is kept secret until you decide to accept an offer. If you decide to accept this offer, you simply cancel your original purchase by simply replying to the e-mail the original merchant sent confirming your order, and typing the words Cancel my Order Please.