Reaching New Customers with NoSaleIsFinal

Companies such as Wal-Mart, Verizon Wireless, Home Depot...etc., spend millions advertising each month to get customers in their stores. As a small business, you have little chance to compete on that level. Using NoSaleIsFinal, a small business can have the opportunity to take a sale away from big-box retailers without incurring millions in advertising costs.

Our service allows you to see what people have just purchased, and offer them an alternative. Your customer acquisition costs using this service are near zero, which helps when you are faced with well funded startups selling the same products you have been for years.

Many products, once shipping is taken into account, cost the same as the ones you offer. Many consumers buy something based on price only, not knowing that a business in the same city has the same product at a comparable price but with added services such as quicker delivery, local service and support, and more.

Cost-Per-Click? Bidding for placement? What's an impression? Who's clicking your link? A web crawler? Your competitor with the same search words? There's little that can be done to ensure that a real person who's interested in what you have to offer actually clicked your link. The Nosaleisfinal approach changes how you would typically attract new customers.

Our message to you is that you don't have to compete on price alone. You may have to adjust your business slightly to compete more effectively, such as developing new services to offer along with products such as cutlery, books, dishwashers, etc. For example, you could successfully charge a slightly higher price on an item but sell the customer on the fact that they don't have to wait for delivery. Add to this one free annual maintenance check on an item such as a household appliance, and you might discover that your online competitor with its $40 million dollar advertising budget isn't as competitive as you thought.